Restorative Yoga and Meditation with Divya Kohli

Date: Sunday, 17th December
Time: 3.45-5.45pm
Price: £20

In the classical tradition, the practice of yoga was designed to prepare us for meditation, a state of deeper contemplation. Through the practice of classical Yoga and Meditation that addresses the mind, body and spiritual layers of our being, Divya aims to help individuals develop a calm mind and stronger body, and find an authentic connection to the self and to the world.

Come for calm, de-stressing relaxation and finding quiet within. Divya will guide you through restorative yoga poses, using props, which are held for a while to feel supported and release from deep-held mental and physical tension. The session leads into guided meditation practice. The result is immediate: feeling lighter, whole and more centred. In the long term, the effects are abiding strength, equanimity of mind and a desire to live life in a way that positively impacts society.

Divya has been a dedicated yoga practitioner since 2000 and teaching full time since 2005.

These sessions are ideal if you:

> are seeking a slow or gentle practice
> want to complement a dynamic yoga or physical activity practice
> need an antidote to a busy lifestyle
> are new or experienced to mediation and wish to include more meditation practice in your life

Kirtan with Faustomaria

Date: Saturday, 30th December
Time: 6.30-8.30pm
Price: £10

Join us for an end of year special! Faustomaria will lead easy to follow mantras, accompanied by fantastic live musicians. Come and see for yourself how chanting with others can be a powerful and healing experience.

You don’t need any experience or any particular musical ability.

Everybody is welcome!

New Year Intensive with Alaric Newcombe

Date: Thursday 28th, Friday 29th, Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st December
Time: 10.15am-2.15pm
Price: £180 for the whole workshop, £50 for individual sessions
We’re delighted to announce that Alaric will be returning this year to teach a four day intensive between Christmas and New Year.

This workshop is for Iyengar yoga students with at least 3 years experience. In order to attend, you should be able to do urdhva Dhanurasana, 5 minutes Sirsasana and 8 minutes Sarvangasana with Halasana.

Preference will be given to those attending all four sessions.

HOW TO BOOK: If you are a regular student of Alaric please use the link below to book online, otherwise please register your interest in the course by emailing outlining your Iyengar yoga experience and we will contact you to confirm your place.

Photography by Heather Elton

Kirtan with Faustomaria

Date: Saturday, 6th January, followed by the first Saturday of every month
Time: 7.15-9.15pm
Price: £10

Join us each month for a wonderful evening of joyful chanting! Faustomaria will lead easy to follow mantras, accompanied by fantastic live musicians. Come and see for yourself how chanting with others can be a powerful and healing experience.

You don’t need any experience or any particular musical ability.

Everybody is welcome!

Mindfulness Based Living Course with Mary Niker

Date: Fridays 12th & 19th January, and 2nd & 9th February 2018
Time: 2.05-6.05pm
Price: £300 for 16 hour course

The Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC) has been developed based on the work of international mindfulness teacher Rob Nairn.
The course is similar to other mindfulness based courses, such as MBCT or MBSR, but it also includes methods for nurturing self-compassion and compassion for others.

The aims of MBLC are to help individuals develop an in-depth personal experience of mindfulness and develop a sustained personal practice with a view to applying this into their everyday life. MBLC meets the Good Practice Guidelines and is a recognised course by the UK Network of Mindfulness Based Teachers.

This course is suitable for beginners or those seeking to deepen their practice.

MBLC emphasizes embodiment of the practice and cultivating kindness and compassion for ourselves and others in our lives. Each session consists of explanation, guided practices and group reflection and inquiry. Also included are handbook, notes and guided meditation audio downloads.


Session 1: Start Where We Are. The Body as a Place to Stay Present.

This session we are recognising the unsettled mind and learning how to settle the mind in our practice, and how to work with the body as support for being present to reconnect with the felt sense of the present moment.

Session 2: Introducing Mindfulness Support. Working with Distraction

We will be introducing sound as support for being present and reflect upon the attitude of non-striving in our practice. This session we are learning to work with distraction and introduce breath as a support for being present.

Session 3: Exploring the Undercurrent. Attitude of the Observer.

This session explores the the role of observing our experience and looking within to the undercurrent of attitudes and preferences that are influencing and develop our compassion based practices with the loving kindness meditation. We are also reflecting upon our inner environment and training our attitude toward our experience.

Session 4: Self-acceptance. A Mindfulness Based Life.

We will be deepening our compassion based practices and learning about true acceptance. This session we are revisiting mindfulness support and reflecting on our journey and how we can deal with difficulty more skilfully. A certificate of completion is awarded to successful candidates.

Gong bath with Leo Cosendai

Date: Saturday, 13th January
Time: 7-8.30pm
Price: £25

Gong meditation is a powerful sonic practice. Gongs have been used as shamanic tools and celebratory instruments for thousands of years, and are truly part of the tradition that is sound healing, which uses techniques such as chanting, drums, and Tibetan bowls to name a few.

The gong produces harmonic and dissonant tones which give you the opportunity to experience altered states of consciousness, where the mind is aligned with the body. From being exposed to the tones of the gongs you may notice a major improvement in the quality of your sleep, a better ability to cope with stress, and a sense of familiarity with stillness and contentment.

”Leo’s treatments are equally transformational and healing. His work through sound is remarkable.” – Wendy Mandy (Shaman, acupuncturist, counsellor)

Leo is a Prana Kriya Yoga teacher and a ”London’s foremost kundalini gong master” (The Times, 2016), and a composer born in Switzerland.

Handstands for Yogis with Sylvia Garcia

Date: Sunday, 14th January
Time: 2.35-4.35pm
Price: £25
In this workshop we will be looking at the foundations of handstand and its practical application to a yoga flow. We will be coming at the handstand alignment from an acrobatic perspective in order to find a straight line that is not only more functional for transitions but much safer for the shoulder girdle than the more commonly seen yoga handstand alignment.

Sylvia taught herself how to stand on her hands over many years but really saw a huge change in her inversion practice when she started training it acrobatically. In this workshop she will share tips on how to improve your line, find balance and look at some of the transitions we commonly see in flow yoga styles today such as Dharma and Rocket.

This workshop is suitable for all levels. Whether you have never attempted a handstand before and are looking to start or have a strong practice and want to improve Sylvia will find something appropriate and suitable for you to play with.

Supporting the Head. Restoring the Body with Lara Stapleton

Date: Saturday, 27th January
Time: 7-8.30pm
Price: £30
A Therapeutic Yoga Workshop

When we support the head in yoga it allows the brain and central nervous system to deeply rest. In light of the overwhelming demands placed on each and everyone in today’s society, supporting the head is necessary to recuperate, reduce fatigue and heal the brain’s vital function.

We have a blueprint of a pose but one size doesn’t fit all and there are many ways of adapting the pose. In this workshop we will explore how therapeutic postures help to relieve the effects of chronic stress, fatigue and improve immunity. With the use of different prop set ups you will experience a supportive environment for total relaxation. Comfort and ease is the key.

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