The spaces in between – Transitions in vinyasa with Aram Raffy

Date: Saturday, 9th June
Time: 6-8pm
Price: £25

Vinyasa-krama; To place asanas (postures) in a particular order into a sequence. Every action counts, every breath counts. It’s all significant.

This workshop will focus on the essence of vinyasa, from the postures to the way we move in between postures. The connection of the breath to the physical. From physical to non-physical. Placing, planting, shifting, feeling, moving, jumping, floating, being, experiencing.

Handstands for Yogis with Sylvia Garcia

Date: Sunday, 17th June
Time: 2.30-5.30pm
Price: £35

In this workshop we will be looking at the foundations of handstand and its practical application to a yoga flow. We will be coming at the handstand alignment from an acrobatic perspective in order to find a straight line that is not only more functional for transitions but much safer for the shoulder girdle than the more commonly seen yoga handstand alignment.

Sylvia taught herself how to stand on her hands over many years but really saw a huge change in her inversion practice when she started training it acrobatically. In this workshop she will share tips on how to improve your line, find balance and look at some of the transitions we commonly see in flow yoga styles today such as Dharma and Rocket.

This workshop is suitable for all levels. Whether you have never attempted a handstand before and are looking to start or have a strong practice and want to improve Sylvia will find something appropriate and suitable for you to play with.

Working with Energy: activating the heart with James French

Date: Sunday, 24th June
Time: 2-5pm
Price: £35

Yoga teachers love to say “engage the bandhas!’ In this workshop you will gain an experiential understanding of what this really means. In our Yoga posture practice, we can use asanas (postures) to break down the obstacles to energy flow, and we can then use the bandhas (energy locks) to harness and redirect that energy to the heart or other beneficial areas.

During this workshop, we will explore the theory of the bandhas using simple yet powerful techniques so that you can connect to these areas in the physical and energy bodies. Following this, we will have a yoga practice so that you can integrate these techniques. This knowledge can transform your practice, bringing new levels of healing, insight and consciousness.

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