Thursdays, 1.45–3.15pm
Single class £25; Bundle of 4 classes (to be used within 6 months of purchase) £90

In these wide-ranging Masterclasses, Mira explores and explains postures, breath control and other Yogic activities, integrating practice with theory and philosophy. She guides students in their practice in order to foster independent understanding, suggesting work and study to do at home. Mira has an interactive style of teaching, encouraging students to ask questions and clear doubts.

The Masterclasses rotate in turn through four broad topics, each covered once a month. Enrolment can be for one topic or for more.


Advanced Postures Safely

1st and 5th Thursday of the month (not 3rd or 31st August)
For students with at least eight years of practice and the ability to do Head Balance (Sirsasana) with variations, Full-Arm Balance (Adhomukha Vrksasasana) Lotus Pose (Padmasana) and Bridge Backbend (Urdhva Dhanurasana).

The practice of advanced postures requires accuracy of action and understanding and leads towards profundity in Yoga. In these Master Classes you will learn correct techniques and sequences as well as cautions to prevent injury. You will be challenged to experience the harmony of mind-body movement. Every fourth class deals with advanced pranayama.

Posture Principles Explained

2nd Thursday of the month (not 13th July or 10th August)
For students with some experience of Yoga.

These Master Classes explore many types of poses and breath control techniques together with their benefits. They cover the how and why of practice so that you gain an integrated understanding. You will learn general principles of practice and therapeutic methods. Every fourth class deals with breath control (pranayama). You will learn visualization methods, contemplative exercises and different breath techniques. You will begin to understand how breath control is a direct means of controlling the mind.

Breath Training, Heart Focus and Meditation

3rd Thursday of the month (not 17th August)
For students with at least eight years’ experience of Yoga and a regular asana practice, including inversions.

In these Master Classes you will improve your inversions practice and increase your depth of relaxation. You will learn various breath control methods as well as techniques for manipulating and keeping prana in the body. These are the locks (bandhas) and seals (mudras) mentioned in Yoga texts. In time you will also learn sensory control (pratyahara) and attempt concentration exercises (dharana). Concentration is a prerequisite for meditation.

Yoga Step by Step: Body and Mind

4th Thursday of the month (not 24th August)
For beginners and students wishing to re-learn basics in tandem with the teachings of Yoga.

In these Master Classes you will begin simple standing, sitting, inverted and relaxation poses and learn how to stretch and to de-stress. You will feel the beneficial effects on body and mind immediately. You will also learn about Yoga’s supporting philosophy through readings from original works, including the Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali. The topics range from sources and schools of Yoga, the eightfold scheme of Yoga, mind and soul, meditation, fate and reincarnation, bondage and liberation, to the universe and Ultimate Reality.

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Please note that Therapy Yoga Classes have moved to a new location on Friday evenings. Please contact the studio for further details.