finding balance with jessica stewart

Date: Sunday, 28th April
Time: 3-5pm
Price: £30

Becoming steady in the body, mind and breath is the fundamental goal of yoga practice. Why is it that some days we are all over the place and other days we can master advanced balance poses?

In this 2 hour workshop Jessica will open with a 20 minute chat discussing the key tenets of physical balance and how it is cultivated through technique, breath and mind. You will then be led through yoga practice, incorporating yoga conditioning to strengthen stabilizing muscles groups, and a steady but strong vinyasa that will build your confidence from simple standing balances to more advanced arm balances and inversions. The workshop will close with a reflection on the philosophical roots of yoga and what the traditions of the practice try to teach us about balance on and off the mat.

Kirtan with Faustomaria

Date: Saturday, 11th May (*followed by the first Saturday of every month)
Time: 6.30-8.30pm
Price: £10

Join us each month for a wonderful evening of joyful chanting! Faustomaria will lead easy to follow mantras, accompanied by fantastic live musicians. Come and see for yourself how chanting with others can be a powerful and healing experience.

You don’t need any experience or any particular musical ability.

Everybody is welcome!

Gong bath with Leo Cosendai

Date: Saturday, 18th May
Time: 6.30-8pm
Price: £25

Gong meditation is a powerful sonic practice. Gongs have been used as shamanic tools and celebratory instruments for thousands of years, and are truly part of the tradition that is sound healing, which uses techniques such as chanting, drums, and Tibetan bowls to name a few.

The gong produces harmonic and dissonant tones which give you the opportunity to experience altered states of consciousness, where the mind is aligned with the body. From being exposed to the tones of the gongs you may notice a major improvement in the quality of your sleep, a better ability to cope with stress, and a sense of familiarity with stillness and contentment.

”Leo’s treatments are equally transformational and healing. His work through sound is remarkable.” – Wendy Mandy (Shaman, acupuncturist, counsellor)

Leo is a Prana Kriya Yoga teacher and a ”London’s foremost kundalini gong master” (The Times, 2016), and a composer born in Switzerland.

Deep rest yoga with Divya Kohli

Date: Sunday, 19th May
Time: 3-5pm
Price: £25

Find peace and a re-balanced state through this 2 hour dive into relaxation for the body, mind and spirit.

Restorative yoga is where we come into yoga postures that are fully supported (floor-based, using the earth and yoga props). As well as getting clear guidance in this workshop on the postures and how to make them work for your body and needs, you will be given cues and instruction to help you ‘permit’ all layers of being to let go and feel supported. In this way, the mind and body get time, space and opportunity to unravel both temporary and deep held tension and stress.

Kirtan with Vijay Krsna & Kirtaniyas

Date: Saturday, 25th May
Time: 6.30-8.30pm
Price: £15

Kirtaniyas are visiting London – come and join us for a traditional chant dance experience!

Vijay Krsna (Kirtaniyas) and special guest Vraj Mohan will be bringing chants from the ancient Indian villages to London this spring.

California based Kirtaniyas are a global collective of energetic, multi-talented artists. These twenty-somethings grew up in a Vedic culture of song, dance, philosophy and devotion between ashrams and temples both in India and the western world.

Vijay Krsna, band leader, studied devotional Indian folk music known as “Kirtan” in the sacred village of Vrindavana, India. This rare traditional art form is an ancient call-and-response mantra chanting practice, that originated in the Indian subcontinent over 5000 years ago. Joined together with the musically gifted Sarasvati, soulful vocalist Rasika and drummer Nitai, Vijay formed the Kirtaniyas in 2009. They have since traveled the world infusing new life to these ancient chants with youthful spirit and energy.

Iyengar yoga course with Kate Rathod

Date: Saturday, 25th - Monday, 27th May
Time: 9.30am-12pm* (10.30am-1pm on Sunday, 26th May)
Price: £90

Kate Rathod will be teaching 3 interconnected extended classes over the late May bank holiday weekend.

Join us in working with some of the more challenging poses in the twist, back arch and inversion groups.

This course is for general/intermediate level students who have a strong, regular practice in the Iyengar tradition. Each class is for 2 and a half hours and you will need to attend all 3 days.

We shall share our experiences over tea and cakes after the last class on Monday.

Handstands workshop with Sylvia Garcia

Date: Sunday, 16th June
Time: 2.45-5.45pm
Price: £35

In this workshop we will be looking at the foundations of handstand and its practical application to a yoga flow. We will be coming at the handstand alignment from an acrobatic perspective in order to find a straight line that is not only more functional for transitions but much safer for the shoulder girdle than the more commonly seen yoga handstand alignment.

Sylvia taught herself how to stand on her hands over many years but really saw a huge change in her inversion practice when she started training it acrobatically. In this workshop she will share tips on how to improve your line, find balance and look at some of the transitions we commonly see in flow yoga styles today such as Dharma and Rocket.

This workshop is suitable for all levels. Whether you have never attempted a handstand before and are looking to start or have a strong practice and want to improve Sylvia will find something appropriate and suitable for you to play with.

Turiya with Josh Blau & Irene Ais

Date: Saturday, 22nd June
Time: 6.30-8.30pm
Price: £30

Ancient sages believed that our waking experience of life is but a dream that we must awaken from and that the light of our awareness is revealed just before we fall to sleep each night. The yogic practice of Yoga Nidra allows us to access this state of transcendental awareness called Turiya where we are both asleep and awake. The body and mind receive deep release of stress and fatigue whilst our highest consciousness continues to expand.

Join us for an experience of deep rest and awakening.

Awaken the Serpent with Josh Blau & Irene Ais

Date: Sunday, 23rd June
Time: 2.30-5.30pm
Price: £35

This is an experience to the very core of who we are and the tremendous power that can be accessed in the human spine. This masterclass in the traditional system of Hatha yoga focuses on bandhas, breath and energy in order to awaken the dormant kundalini energy at the base of the spine. This workshop is for the students who are ready to experience the limitless strength and freedom that can be unlocked from within.

Expect yoga asana, pranayama, bandhas, chakra vibration and meditation.

Mantra workshop: “Naad Shakti, The Power of Indian Sacred Sounds” with Manish Vyas

Date: Sunday, 21st July
Time: 11am-2pm
Price: £40 (£35 if booked by 30th June)

Mantra is a sound, a vibration – and the correct vibration is like a key which can unlock a higher dimension. In the science of mantra meanings are not so important, as ‘meanings’ belong to the sphere of the mind. A mantra comes from the source of creation and, when the transmission is pure, it can become a transformative force.

This workshop combines theory and practical activities. You will leave with tools to apply techniques with mantras in your life, in yoga, in meditation, for promoting good sleep, for relaxation. It gives the right understanding and the necessary tools to relate to these ancient mantras. Read more on mantras by Manish Vyas:

Overview of points covered in this workshop:

– Introduction to mantras and how mantras are used in India – technically and devotionally
– Why sound is healing and why it is great to use the right sounds for meditation and pranayam
– What is the science behind the mantra and the technique to make the practice effective
– Preparation for chanting / explanation of rasa or spirit given to the music
– Sanskrit and the importance of mantra pronunciation
– Mantra and Kirtan – how it originated, how it is actually used in India
– Music for elevation v. music for entertainment
– Mythology behind mantras
– How to approach mantras in meditation and for daily practice
– Relation between mantra and breath: practice of pranayam with mantra
– Chanting with harmonium / Use of tanpura
– Introduction and singing together of different mantras
– Q&A and comments
– Closing mantra
– Tea and informal final open talk
– During the workshop, we sing selected mantras together

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