If you’re looking to start your path to becoming a yoga teacher our looking to deepen your practice then why not sign up for our 1 year Yoga Alliance 200 hours teacher training course led by Jessica Stewart?




The 1-year yoga training takes place every Friday afternoon during term time, 12:00 -17:30 at Yogaloft studio, Beethoven St, Queens Park, West London. There is a total of 34 x 5.5 hour-led sessions, plus one weekend retreat and a final full day of assessment and graduation.

The course follows the school calendar over a full year, making it the best option for those that want to give time to their physical practice developing. The structure aims to support the schedule of parents, those that work weekends, or those with flexible working structures/self employed. This format of yoga training offers the most time for development in the students’ own practice: both the practice of yoga and in integrating and working with the course content.

Yogaloft is a studio that offers a precise and methodical, alignment-based approach to hatha and vinyasa yoga in tranquil, beautiful and fully-equipped studios. Students will be encouraged to benefit as much as possible from the teaching community at Yogaloft. Studying in London over a year provides a strong and empowering learning community and the connection to a supportive home studio, which remains long after the training is complete.


You will practice teaching from early on in the course and carried through a very successful method of teaching that honours both traditional and modern principles of yoga; concrete teaching methods; and the creative scope and inner enquiry that will facilitate you finding your own authentic voice in your practice and teaching. The training offers a very distinctive and thorough curriculum that neither compromises on in depth applied anatomy and alignment, whilst preserving content on the energetic and philosophical traditions that the practice is defined by.


You will be required to do and sign-off a 2-hour peer teaching practice session per month. If the studio is not in use, you are welcome to book to use Yogaloft for this or practice in your own homes. Yogaloft offers the free use of the studio for self-practice on Monday afternoons.


The course is structured in termly modules that build in depth of content and material over the year. Module 1: Spring term (1 week half term break) Module 2: Summer term (6 weeks summer holiday) Module 3: Autumn term (1 week half term break) Module 4: Retreat (Friday 3pm – Sunday 3pm, residential, Sussex.) (1st weekend in November) All modules must be completed in order to graduate.



NB. Graduation: Final day is a full day: You will be assessed on a 45 minute public class. Your attendance at your colleagues’ classes will also be required. There will also be a 2-hour written paper. The day will close with a graduation ceremony, and followed by a meal out.



Students are required to attend and sign off 2 x 60 minute (min) public classes/week during term times throughout the duration of the course with course-approved teachers.


  • A theoretical component in lecture or discussion format following the curriculum

  • A practical component developing students’ practice and understanding the architecture of the postures and techniques

  • Teaching practice

Some sessions will vary from this format as we take more time to focus on one aspect of the course.


The residential retreat will be from 12pm Friday 6th November 2020 - 3pm Sunday 8th November 2020, at a dedicated retreat in Sussex. Please note the arrival time for the retreat is 12pm on Friday the 6th.


Capacity on the course is kept to a carefully considered group size, where all students receive plenty of support and attention. The course is managed to ensure high-level tuition and support, and a safe, supportive environment for self-development, which distinguishes it from the very large YTTC’s on offer in London.


All course content is either experiential, lecture-format supported by powerpoint presentations emailed post-delivery, or with hand-out sheets provided where applicable.

Every student receives a substantial training manual, with the entire course content, support and workbook to support the students’ continued learning.


  • Principles of applied yoga anatomy

  • Feet & Legs

  • Hips & Pelvis

  • Spine

  • Shoulders & upper extremities

  • Nervous system

  • Respiratory system

  • Digestive, Cardio & lymphatic system


  • Asana (posture) templates (alignment break-down)

  • Pranayama templates (practice and theory of breath-practices)

  • Meditation templates (exploration and practice of selected models of

  • meditation)

  • Kriya templates (practice and theory of cleansing practices)

  • Notes on public classes attended throughout


  • Prana

  • Pancha Kosha

  • Kundalini

  • Kleshas

  • Chakras

  • Nadis

  • Bandhas

  • Yoga Mind & Kleshas

  • Yoga Nidra


  • Timeline on the development of yoga

  • Philosophical schools and principles that shape yoga

  • Modalities and influential figures of modern yoga


  • Teaching principles

  • Sequencing level 1-2 hatha and vinyasa

  • Voice-work

  • Embodying confidence and authenticity

  • Assists/Adjusts (anatomically up-to-date approach)

  • Teaching hot yoga (none of the course is taught in a hot room)

  • Business of Yoga

  • Thriving as a teacher (post grad workshop)


LED TUITION - 207 hours

  • 187 hours led tuition on Friday afternoons

  • 20 hours weekend retreat module (100% with course leader)


  • Un-led: 66 public classes required attendance (2/YTTC week) (N.B. a class is taken as 1 hour even if longer)

  • 10 hours self study during summer holidays

  • 2 hours class observations

  • 2 hours / month peer teaching practice: total 20 hours (over 10 months)

Reading, revision and note taking is not included. Please allow 1 hour / week for this.

Minimum 90% attendance

TOTAL HOURS ON COURSE (non-contact and contact) - 287 hours

DATES 2020

17-Jan-20 24-Jan-20 31-Jan-20

07-Feb-20 14-Feb-20 28-Feb-20

06-Mar-20 13-Mar-20 20-Mar-20 27-Mar-20

03-Apr-20 24-Apr-20

01-May-20 08-May-20 15-May-20

05-Jun-20 12-Jun-20 19-Jun-20 26-Jun-20

03-Jul-20 10-Jul-20

04-Sep-20 11-Sep-20 18-Sep-20 25-Sep-20

02-Oct-20 09-Oct-20 16-Oct-20 30-Oct-20

06-Nov-20 13-Nov-20 20-Nov-20 27-Nov-20


Times: 12:00 - 17:30 each Friday during term time.

Retreat weekend: 6-8th Nov. 2020 : 12pm Friday (arrival at venue)

Assessment days: Full days 27 Nov & 4th Dec 2020



On this training, any number of students can choose to continue the training into a second year as an advanced student and revise, re-practice and lead first year students for free. This must be arranged in advance and with total commitment to attending at least one full module of the course to ensure continuity within the student body.


The course includes:

  • 34 x 5.5 hour sessions

  • 1 weekend retreat Friday 12pm – Sunday 3pm (20 hours) (Accommodation, food, tuition included. Excluding transport and massages)

  • Course manual

  • Supporting power-point lectures & learning material on the online forum

  • Access to self-practice at Yogaloft studio

  • Use of Yogaloft studio for peer teaching practice when the studio is not otherwise in use

There are 3 payment structures for the course depending on your needs:

OPTION 1: FULL ADVANCE PAYMENT £3,200 total | (early bird course price £2700 + £500 retreat cost)

OPTION 2: ADVANCE INSTALMENT PAYMENT £3,300 total | (£2800 + £500 retreat cost):

For option 2, 3 instalments must be completed prior to start of course, subject to agreement with Yogaloft studio management team.

OPTION 3: DIRECT DEBIT ONGOING PAYMENT £3,300 total | (£2,800 + £500 retreat cost):

For option 3, please discuss with the admin team at Yogaloft to establish a personal monthly direct debit payment plan. This must be complete before graduation on the course. Even if the course is not completed full payment must be received.

Book your place

To book on to the course please download and complete the application form and send along with a covering email to us at stating your preferred payment option and any further questions you may have.


What level of Yoga practice do I need in order to participate in the course?

 There is no blanket rule on the level of yoga practice required. We will be holding interviews and will assess each potential student on an individual basis. The rule of thumb is a minimum of 2 years yoga practice, but again, it all depends on the individual


Am I qualified to teach after I have completed the course?

 Yes, you are - on successful completion of the 200 hours and as long as you pass the assessments


Is the course suitable for someone who has previously trained in yoga?


Absolutely, there is a huge variance in the quality and content on 200-hour YTTCs. You will likely be covering familiar territory, but the aim of the course is to present traditional yoga from a deeper and thorough perspective than many 200-hour trainings. It also serves as an active learning community for the year of the course and beyond. Your development and insight as a teacher can only grow with each training course you take.


How many people will I be training alongside?


Capacity on the course is kept to a carefully considered group size, where all students receive plenty of support and attention. The course is managed to ensure high-level tuition and support, and a safe, supportive environment for self-development, which distinguishes it from the very large YTTC’s on offer in London.


During the training, you will be divided into smaller study and support groups and will work under the guidance of the course tutors and alongside your peers as well as independently.


Can I pause my training at any point during the course?


The nature of the course requires you to complete the 200-hour training within the specific timeframe and dates outlined.


Is there flexibility on time and dates?


In order to qualify, it is key to this training have practiced the 200 supervised hours.  Therefore, the course requires 100% attendance. We are unable at this point to offer alternative training days. If you need to miss any sessions due to ill health or unforeseen emergency circumstances, private tuition with the course tutor can be arranged at additional cost of £60/hour with course tutors.


Can I train whilst I am pregnant?


It is possible but not advised to train whilst pregnant as there are certain poses/techniques that may not be suitable or comfortable for you.  Please discuss privately with the tutors.