Therapies at Yogaloft

At Yogaloft we are pleased to offer Thai yoga massage and reiki.


Thai yoga massage with Penelope Zikic

Thai yoga massage is an ancient traditional Thai healing therapy which focuses on improving your health and well-being. Thai massage combines acupressure, assisted yoga type movements and rational movements of the joints. Practitioners may use feet, knees, hands and elbows to apply pressure and yoga-like stretches to the body.

All the stretching and pressure work are given in a smooth and harmonious sequence. The desired results are deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Some therapeutic effects of Thai yoga massage are:

– Enhancing your yoga practice
– Balancing your body’s energy pathways
– Increasing resistance to injury
– Relieving pain due to arthritis, stress, and overworked muscles
– Improving range of motion
– Toning internal organs
– Increasing energy and peaceful alertness
– Enriching emotional calming and encouraging deep relaxation
– Deepening the connection between the mind and body

Penelope trained in Chaing Mai in Northern Thailand in the tradition of Naud Bo-Ran (which follows the course of Sen energy lines). She came to Thai massage after years of exploring Scaravelli-inspired yoga and other movement practices. Penelope has a welcoming and nurturing personality, and an evolving interest in the body and its original movement. Her great care and natural hands on skills are informed by years of teaching yoga.

Penelope offers treatments on Tuesday afternoons between 2.15 & 6pm. Sessions last 60 or 90 minutes, and cost £60 or £85.


Reiki with Dil Marolia

Reiki is an energy healing system originating in Japan, literally meaning Universal Energy. The practitioner channels this universal energy to the client by simply placing their hands on or close to the body.

Reiki aids physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Most people experience deep relaxation during and after a reiki treatment. It is suitable for all ages, including babies, and can alleviate common symptoms like flu and aid quicker recovery from more serious problems.

Dil is a CNHC certified Reiki Master with years of experience. She trained in both the Shiki Ryoho & Reiki Ryoho lineages of the Usui System of Reiki.

Dil offers treatments on Saturday evenings between 6 & 9pm and Sunday afternoons between 1.15pm & 5.45pm. Sessions last approximately 45 minutes, and cost £60.


Please contact the studio for further information or to book. | 020 7625 2645