Handstands, Inversions and Arm balances workshop with Sylvia Garcia

Handstands have become more and more common in yoga classes over the past few years but it’s tricky in led classes to really take the time to break down the mechanics of the posture to fully understand the alignment and strength required. In this workshop we will be looking at exploring and approaching arm balances from hand placement and alignment to full handstand. We will be looking at creating strength and stability in the shoulder girdle and the core, which is not only an important way of holding yourself upside down on your hands, but also to build the confidence that is often lacking when approaching these more challenging Asana.

Remembering that many of these poses take years of practise before they feel stable and comfortable, the basics and techniques which we will explore will be the perfect foundation for this. For those who are more experienced with arm balances and handstands, we will look at variations and transitions to further challenge ourselves. Approach this with a playful attitude. Fall, laugh and try again creating a fun and joyful facet to the practise.

Suitable for those who have some previous yoga experience, not for complete beginners.