Yin. Nidra. Gong. A meditative workshop with Nicola Croucher.

Join Nicola on a magnificent journey towards peace, harmony, consciousness, light, and love. Through the healing arts of yin yoga, yoga nidra and the deep loving vibration of the gong, we will share an exploration of our inner worlds – starting with the physical body, and making our way through the many layers of our being towards stillness, oneness and peace.

Yin yoga is a slow moving meditation on the more subtle elements of the body, i.e. connective tissue, fascia, organs, emotions and psychological processes. It is an intuitive, explorative, therapeutic meditation to nourish the body and calm the mind. The practice is entwined with ancient wisdom and knowledge from traditional Chinese medicine and the Daoist tradition.

From here we will come away form our outer experiences and drop into a yoga nidra – also called the yogic sleep. If the consciousness can be separated from external awareness and from falling asleep, it becomes very powerful. A heightened level of awareness, and deep relaxation and healing is available to all at this level. Many practitioners of yoga nidra find an improvement in the quality of their sleep, memory and concentration. Ilnesses such as insomnia, migraines, psychosomatic disorders and even asthma have been managed with yoga nidra. It can be a great stress reliever, and awaken the psychic channels.

We will finish with a gong bath and sound healing, exploring the wealth of experiences which lie within our wondrous bodies. No left brain activity is required – in this deep meditative state, deep healing occurs quite organically on a cellular level. Experience yourself as soul – your true nature of light and love.