A Journey Through The Chakras with James French

James is an international teacher specialising in Vinyasa Flow, Traditional Hatha Yoga and Tantra. In this workshop, poses will be held for longer allowing us to meditate in them. In doing so we begin to explore how we can directly affect and influence our moods, temperament and health by charging specific energy centres and pathways. We will experience the secrets of “sublimation” – how to convert lower energies that do not serve us (anger, fear) into higher ones that do (love, trust).

If you have ever felt confused or left behind when a teacher mentions energy, prana or chakras – this workshop is the perfect introduction. We will begin with a lecture but the emphasis will be firmly on the practical allowing us to explore and experience for ourselves.

James’ mix of great tunes and friendly, relaxed style creates a positive, supportive atmosphere in which beginners and yogis can practice together and discover the magic of Yoga.